WordPress, usually confused as a blogging platform, is one of the most popular tools to create websites.
It has an open source content management system which allows anyone with basic computer knowledge to use and modify it. It makes easy for the user to manage all important aspects of a website without getting into the technicalities of programming and coding.

There was a time when building a website from scratch was a nightmare.
In 2003, WordPress emerged like a phoenix from the ashes and gave a one-stop solution.
Anyone and everyone can go to WordPress.org and get their own websites within minutes and start with the online world.
It is accessible to everyone. Download, Install, Create Website. That’s it.

WordPress has provided convenience in many areas in web development. Some of the core benefits are stated below.

  • It puts the FREE in Freedom: WordPress is free to download, install and use according to needs. It has more than 5000 free themes to cater to every possible need of the user to make curate a website. All you need is a domain name and web hosting to start with a free website.

  • Flexible customization: WordPress has never-ending options of themes, plugins, and colors. Every bit of the website can be customized without any complications. This helps in increasing the functionality in any direction required.
  • Friends with the SEO: WordPress is written using standard compliance high-quality code and produces semantic markup, in simple language, search engines love WordPress.
    The websites made on WordPress tend to rank high as compared to other platforms.
  • Easy Peasy: One doesn’t need to dig in the theories of technology to use WordPress. All the basic functions are displayed in front of the user’s eyes (WYSIWYG) which decreases the chances of confusion. Plus, WordPress tutorials are easily available with steps explained in detail just in case the user faces any challenge.

  • Safe and secure: WordPress is considered to be a very option safe to make websites. It is coded in a way to make it secure for the users plus it has options to put on more layers of safety.


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