A responsive website is the ‘It thing’ in the web designing world right now. The idea of a responsive website came into light when Google announced that search engine ranking will depend on it. The responsive website basically means a website which is smoothly accessible on all platforms, browsers, and screens.
Due to a variety of devices, a web designer has to be vigilant about the functionality in all screen sizes. For example, a website which works smoothly on a laptop but gets stuck on the user’s mobile phone, the person might close the window in the phone and never shop from there again.
Here is why one should always go for a responsive website :

  • Multi-Screen Society: Needless to say, we have variants when it comes to screen sizes. Every device has its own functionalities and therefore, the website needs to fit in all of them. For example, a website works well in iPhone but now in Android, it might end up losing a big chunk of its market.
    Therefore, it is wise to appeal across all devices & screen resolutions.
  • Cost-Effective: Having different websites for both mobile and desktop audience will just double up the cost. And if the website is multi-screen responsive, it functions smoothly, saving the double cost.
  • Search Engine Optimization: The responsive nature of the website is directly proportional to its ranking in the search engines. The better ranking is one of the first steps to conversions since it leads to traffic on the website.
  • Management at ease: Websites handling doesn’t need to be complicated. If it is curated in a responsive way, changes can be made easily whenever required. This makes the website management very convenient and one doesn’t need to be tech savvy for it.
  • User experience: The faster the website works, the happier the user will be. A smooth experience will give a positive perception of the brand and business.

Gear up for getting your responsive websites online now!

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