I have had my fair share of experience of working with servers and I know how crucial it gets when you cannot find an appropriate provider.

I have been managing servers and working with challenging hosting requirements since 2004 and I have come across countless providers with various kinds of challenges.

After all this time one thing which I expect from the provider is to keep things hassle free for me. The last thing I want to worry about is dealing with the provider’s mess which I have experienced with some service providers out there. My experience with Domain and Server has been good.

Their 24X7 services all around the year, Cpanel control, firewalls, multiple options to choose from, make your own plan are few of the reasons which make them stand apart amongst the other providers.

After opting for their services, most of my hosting related challenges were solved without a hitch. I shifted my domain hosting with them and haven’t changed ever since.

Another thing which I have discovered over time is that they always use the best quality infrastructure for their hosting. With almost all kinds of hosting options available, there are multiple options to choose from depending on the requirement. No compromises on their deliveries.

They claim to provide cost-effective hosting in India with the given features.

Source: Quora Answer

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