Facts about Diwali

  1. Hindu New year: Diwali marks the Hindu New Year. It also marks the beginning of the winter season. It’s a matter of celebration for farmers as they thank god for the harvest.

  2. Narakasura Vadha: The death of evil Narakasura by the hands of Lord Krishna is one of the main reasons why Diwali is celebrated in South India. Diwali is called ‘Narak Chaturthi’ in South India.
  3. Hari Diwali: In Malaysia, Diwali is a national public holiday and is celebrated as Hari Diwali as Aswayuja.
  4. Diwali is referred to as Tihar or Swanti in Nepal. It brings the worship of Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth along with the worship of dog, crow, and cow respectively.
  5. Diwali is celebrated as ‘Kali Puja’ in West Bengal by worshipping Goddess Kali.
  6. Lord Mahavira attained his Moksha or Nirvana on the day of Diwali, and so the Jain community in India celebrates the next day of Diwali as New Year’s Day.
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