In the world of digitization and long working hours, E-commerce has brought forth it’s ‘A’ game in the system. The facility of buying something sitting in your comfort zone (or maybe not), has gone from a facility to a necessity. From a hairpin to a refrigerator, From raw vegetables to fancy cooked meals, just a snap of fingers and it is delivered on your doorstep.
Don’t underestimate the smile when you get when a package arrives.
Reportedly, there were about 176.84 million with an additional 129.95 million users expected to be shopping online by 2021 eCommerce users in India.
Following are some tips to keep in mind while going ahead with your E-commerce platform:

    • Don’t rush: Never ever rush the launch. You have only ONE shot at launching, and you don’t want to screw it up. If needed, register the domain (you can do it HERE) and make a ‘Coming Soon’ page.
      This is the ground rule – Don’t ever unveil until the foundation is laid.
      It’s like inaugurating a half-built building.
      You don’t want your website to go online without placing the SEO, filling it up with appropriate content, social media accounts, which are the basic settings.

    • Focus on the user: With online shopping, the user doesn’t have the access to see the product in person. Clearly, it is a major drawback. So to compensate this, lure the user with services like free shipping, discount codes, guarantee, etc. The products features, details, description, reviews should be added. Pictures are a major factor for conversion, therefore, appropriate & multiple product pictures should be added. The shopping process should be made convenient with multiple payment options, Cash On Delivery option, easy checkout, etc.
    • Test everything: You don’t want users clicking on something and ending up on the wrong page. This is one of the main reasons for increasing the bounce rate.
      No one wants to visit an unresponsive or a slow website.
      Hence, it is important to test everything multiple times.
    • Social Media: This is a social media run world. It is the heartbeat of online presence, hence it is important to validate your presence on social media. Only then you are considered a part of the ‘community’. Plus, social media is a highly suggested tool to increase sales.
      Make sure all the social media accounts are in order before the launch of the website.
      Once launched, social media accounts are to be kept in sync and updated with the website. If not done, gives a bad impression.
    • Social elements: Once social media is in place, make sure to include the links on the main website. It should all look as one property. In addition to that, new users should be able to sign up by linking to their social media accounts. This makes it easier for the user to connect.
      NOTE: Social media is to be used to drive traffic to the website, therefore, one should be careful about keeping the balance of traffic.
    • Mobile factor: If you are building a website not compatible with mobile phone, it will probably be irrelevant after a while. 73.67% of the total internet traffic in India is from mobile devices vs the 25.89% from the desktop version. Make sure to make it compatible with different mobile browsers and tablets.
    • Core identification: Identify the audience according to factors like age, geographic location, gender, interest areas, profession, etc. This helps in reaching out to the audience with a specific approach.
      It is essential to send a message to the right people for the growth of your platform.
    • Evolve: Never stop evolving. Keep your website upgraded with the updates available. This will keep your website bug and virus free, making the functionality smooth. There are tools available to see how the users are interacting with the website, based on these inputs there should be constant improvements in the UI/UX. The website should be checked constantly for load time as a lot of people leave a slow loading website.

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