Domain name, in a non-technical way, is the name of the website without the extensions (like .com, .in, .org, etc.). It is the basic identity of the websites.
Since reaching the website is one of the first steps to conversion, it is of great importance that the target audience remembers and reaches at the right website every time. Any difference in spelling, even of a single letter will end up taking the consumer to a different site which is definitely not a favorable situation.
Looking at this, it may not come to you as a shock that domain name holds a lot of importance.
Choose the wrong name and you will be stuck with it, trying to find a way out.
Now the challenge is to pick a perfect domain name.
What settles in your mind easily?
An abbreviation or a long name with complicated words and difficult spellings?
We believe the answer is not hard to guess!
Therefore, the name and spellings of a domain name should preferably be kept simple to make it easy for the user to remember it. A fancy name with difficult spellings is gonna make all the effort go down the drain.
What is the use of a fancy name when the user cannot reach the website?
What are the points to keep in mind while deciding on a domain name?

  • Make it same or at least similar to the name of your registered business: In an ideal situation, you would want the customer to relate to your entity, so the names should be in sync.
  • Use simple spellings: Remember, the main purpose is to get the customer on the website. The chances of a user getting the name wrong decreases if the name is easy to spell. In addition to that, it is easy to remember. Purpose solved.
  • Domain extension: Use the appropriate domain extension to keep the purpose clear.
  • Use of hyphens and numbers: It will just complicate the name of the website, it is suggested that you avoid it.

Choose the right domain name and come another step closer to conversion.

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