File Transfer Protocol, popularly known as FTP is a protocol to exchange and transfer files between computers. FTP gives the client’s ability to upload files directly to the servers.
It is used to upload, download, rename and do all kinds of activities with the files on the server without any additional command.
Earlier, data was transferred by connecting computers together, which is not a practical thing to do over the internet. This is when FTP came into the picture, making data transfer fast, easy and secure.
FTP transfers are authenticated with usernames and passwords, which makes it safe for transfer. Plus, it facilitates large transfers which save on time and effort of doing it again & again.
Following are the benefits of using FTP:

  • Allows to transfer multiple files at the same time
  • Resume transfer once the connection is lost
  • Ability to schedule transfers
  • There is no size limitation on transfers
  • Faster transfers as compared to HTTP
  • Supported by almost all hosting providers
  • It is secure and reliable
  • Recover lost data
  • Tools used : Filezilla, CoreFTP ,FireFTP, YummyFTP. They help in efficient functionality. 
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