The easiest platform I have come across to set up a smoothly run E-Commerce website is WordPress.
Here is why:

  • ‘Automattic’ backup: WordPress is owned by a company known as Automattic which is known for its perfect code, protection of open source programming, spam fighting capability, hosting affordable educational conferences and what not! No doubt it is on the top of its league.
  • Functionality: A lot of platforms offer free plugins, but usually, they disappoint. They are either not worth using or they have poor functionality & speed.
    Wordpress, on the other hand, has endless free plugins with great functionality. They allow you to add photos galleries, sliders, shopping carts, forums, maps, almost everything you will require for a well functioning website.
    Their code is riddled with ‘hooks’ that allow developers to add their code to virtually any aspect of WordPress without editing the core. This feature has given the freedom of editing and curating another meaning.
  • Easy maintenance: WordPress is seeing bragging about their ‘ 5-minute installation’. Well, not only it gets installed in 5 minutes, it’s easy to update as well. They give you a single link which when clicked, directly upgrades.
    Though, it is always a good idea to backup before updating. Why take the risk?
  • Search engines: WordPress is reliable and has a market value, this is the reason chances of websites made on Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS – WordPress appear on the top of websites made on other platforms. In other words, it helps with SEO.
    Being on Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS – WordPress is a brand identity for a user (especially new ones).
  • Grows with you: From time to time, WordPress introduces new features and plugins. Therefore, if you look back, you will observe how much your website has grown overtime since every small change, addition, omission contributes to a website’s look and feel.
Source: Quora Answer
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