The Dot Com Mania

What comes to your mind when you hear the term – .com?

The most expected answers are ‘Website or the internet”.
Dot com (.com ) is somewhat the definition of the internet, at least in layman language.
Even after years later, it continues to be the synonym for the internet and websites. A website in general means .com for people. Usually, people are not acquainted with the technical terms like domains, servers, IP address, HTML and thus, .com is the most common term they identify.
What does .com stand for?
Dot com is one of the domain extensions like .co, .org, .biz, .net, .edu, etc. They all stand for the type of entity they are used for. Since Dot com is the most used amongst them, that is why it defies the term ‘internet’.
Domain extensions (like .com, .org, .biz, etc.) reflect the purpose of the entity clearly.
It is important to have the right domain extension to keep the websites segmented.
For example,
.org is intended to represent non-profit organizations
.biz is intended to represent businesses
.net is  intended to represent entities involved in networking technologies
.edu is intended to represent educational establishments.
Dot com is the most used domain extension in the world.
Why is it so?
Credibility: It holds on certain credibility. Anyone familiar with the internet will immediately recognize a domain name with .com as compared to the rest of extensions.
Widely used: Since it’s used in most of the domain names, it has become a default extension, that is, .com is the first option which comes to our mind.
Easy search: It is the domain extension which will be used in case someone forgets the exact name of your website. This will be the first extension which will be tried on.
Due to these reasons, .com is expensive as compared to other extensions.
Because of being extensively used, .com extensions have almost exhausted.
Therefore, .co is the new extension being used for the upcoming profit-making and private companies.
.Gov is exclusive for Government use, hence, not anyone and everyone has an option to get that extension.
What is the best part you ask?
In case the desired domain name is taken in the extension of ‘.com’ , you can always look for alternative extensions like .net, .co, .biz, .in, etc depending on the kind of organization and the geographical location it’s needed for.

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