Independence day in September

The Sixth day of September Twenty Eighteen is engraved in stone for the equality renaissance in India. The LGBT community, after years and aeons of struggle finally won their right to be themselves.
The Supreme Court of India scrapped Section 377 of the Indian Penal code which criminalized free will. It seemed like the whole country was rainbow coloured, wearing rose-tinted glasses :). The biggest sign of support, acceptance and understanding was not just having legal rights, but that the whole country celebrated the pride.
The Supreme Court of India has restored its faith in the people of the country, it is reassuring that the Judiciary of our nation makes fair decisions without having the Government, Social stigma or rigid the mindsets meddling with them.
Since the 6th of September, the country is pleasantly colorful and the credit goes to the bench of five judges who saw the light of freedom, choices, free will, and love; they left behind the stereotypes which have held our country hostage since we can remember. On the other side, our LGBT countrymen/woman for whom, love is finally ‘legal’.
History owes us all an apology for mistreating, judging, and shunning not just a few people, but the entire community as a whole. This is a win for human rights, win for love.
The ones who stereotyped this concept, couldn’t see the greener side of the grass. Their main concern was:
How will the reproduction cycle work?
Gay couples, like, Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka have adopted twins. Two children completed a family with a gay couple.
Gay couple(s) families function normally as any other family without compromising on who or how they choose to love.
Apart from these examples, there are several successful celebrity gay marriages, like, Ellen De Genere & Porlia de Rossi, the famous designer Michael Kors, and Lance Le Pera which have set examples on their own.
Hon’ Supreme court Justice DY Chandrachud, one of the five judges while scraping off Section 377 made a statement quoting Leonard Cohen
Shadows of a receding past controls the quest of LGBTQ for fulfillment
Finally, our government has stopped peeping into the bedrooms and taken a step towards equality and now hopefully will be focussing on their Job Description issues.
“Kunal Kamra ke ghar ke aage goo hai.”
Still there?

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