CUP 2019

Welcome to the era of cricket and hosting. Participate now and get a chance to win free premium hosting services for a year from Domain & Server!

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  1. 1st Prize Lean 30 for one year (2 Winners):
    Feeling the win-win situation?
  2. 2nd Prize Essentials 5 for 3 months (10 Winners):
    Feels great to win along with the team you were rooting for?

Domain & Server, one of the oldest web hosting providers in India entered the hosting market in 2000 through its parent company and since then there was no looking back.
It is coming out with one of the most interesting campaigns all of times, which is Guess the winner, Be the winner.
All you have to do is predict the winner of next ICC World Cup match and be one of the winners to get free web hosting for a whole year.
It would be a clear cut win, with no hidden conditions, whatsoever!
Ready to predict & win?

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