Let’s suppose you have to rent out a property for your store. What procedure will you follow?

i) Look for a plot on the land

ii) Finalize the store as per the requirement

iii)Strike a deal with the landlord

And so on.

Getting hosting is quite similar to renting out a property.

The space your website will acquire on the land on internet is the plot. (If you have a website, it needs to be on the internet).

The website is the store which will sit on the plot.

Hosting services are landlords that put up your site on the internet and keep it running as well so that the customers can access & see when they type the URL.

In some cases, the landlord provides you with a well-built store and in the other, you get a barren land to build your own store on it.

Similarly, the hosting provider might build the entire fully functional website or they might give you a barren land with a shovel and you leave you on your own. It directly depends on available offers, budget, and requirement.

With web hosting, the question comes down to- How to choose the provider and plan?

Personally, while choosing a provider, firewall, network security, 24X7 services all around the year, cpanel control, multiple options to choose from, are few of the factors I look at.

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