If you talk about low-cost hosting with reliability, Domain And Server will be the right option, according to me. It is the most organized and promising provider I have come across since 2004, the beginning of my career in dealing with hosting and servers.

I say reliable since the security they have put up on their network is very strong, plus 24X7 support, fair pricing, Cpanel control and what not. All this has to count for something.

They practice fair trade by keeping everything transparent. No hidden cost whatsoever! Never have I ever worried about being charged extra than what’s committed by Domain And Server, which of course was a huge problem while dealing with most of the other providers.

At many points, they have even helped me choose the right hosting plan according to my requirement. And not to forget, you can make your own plan if you don’t find one from their multiple options in different dimensions, which always turns out to be very helpful.

They always use the most top-notch technology for hosting. With almost all kinds of hosting options available, there are multiple options to choose from depending on the requirement. No compromises on the hosting. They have the most low-cost hosting plans I have ever come across, which as far as I remember starting from INR 1620/- per annum.

In addition to that, they offer a wide range of plans to choose from depending on the requirement. And you can curate your own plan, depending on your exact needs.

Source: Quora Answer

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