Golden rules of Client relationship

When it comes to Client Relationships, there is an aggressive effort to keep the client satisfied.
Toiling attempts are made, errands ran and what not is done to create and maintain certain standards in front of the client.
Down the line, these relationships may turn into huge business prospects if handled wisely.

  1. Communication is the key: Communicate every bit of the process to the customers to keep them updated. This will give them mental peace about the status of their project/product/service. This will make it easy to track down the process later in case any detail is required.
  2. Draw the line: The organization should clearly define the boundaries of its products and services. For example, if the organization cannot offer 24X7 support, they should be clear about it and mention the support timings. Clarity helps develop a sense of trust among the customers.
  3. Be cautious on social media: In this era, social media has the competence to build or destroy. Anything and everything posted by a company can be misused against them. The organizations should be very careful about what they post when they post since EVERYONE can see it.
  4. Best of both worlds: NO! You cannot mix professional and personal worlds after an extent. Avoid inviting the client to your personal space. Meet outside and go back to your respective abodes. Don’t get drunk, since you don’t want your drunk stories to be discussed at the conference table.
  5. Occasions: Time and again, you might be invited to family functions. Try your best to show up. Don’t be the last one to reach or the first one to leave. Don’t pitch to any guests, instead, give them your business card.
  6. Politely decline: If you are being frequently invited, decline politely. Don’t make it sound like an excuse and be respectful.
  7. Mailing: Each and every mail must be prim and proper. Each communication should have clear specifications, to avoid bad taste in the future.
  8. Apologies in a row: If you make any mistakes, apologize and make it up for them. Rectifying is better than losing the client to your competitor. It will not be less than a nightmare.

Client relationship can be your best (read beneficial) friend if handled smartly.

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