Well, it is free. But the price you have to pay for it later is much more than you end up saving.
The number of cons it comes with makes it totally NOT WORTHY!

Limitations: Free hosting comes with limitations like less server space, slow speed, no uptime guarantee, no backup, etc. You may not realize the importance of it, but with the course of time, these factors become challenges.
No warning: The provider might change SLA(Service Level Agreement)and not bother to inform you. Ask why? Because if he is providing you free hosting, he doesn’t owe you any explanations or warning.

Shut down: It is very common that a hosting provider, offering free hosting might shut his services down permanently without any notice. This will lead to downtime of all the sites taking hosting from them until they shift the provider. And as we know, downtime harms the website in multiple ways including incomplete payments, reduced traffic, and bad image.

Data loss: The free hosting service doesn’t take guarantee of backup. Therefore, one hunch, site crashes and you might end up losing every bit of data.
Scary right?
And they might or might not (read usually not) have the required tools and skills to recover the data. Therefore, considered it lost already.

Terms and conditions: The provider might change the terms & conditions of its services without prior notice. It’s obvious, their money, their rules. No botherations to how will it affect your website. They might also start demanding/charging a particular amount (no matter what the amount is). Result? You end up paying for web hosting with poor services. NOT WORTH IT. Therefore, the wiser decision would be to go for paid hosting depending on the application to application.

Source: Quora Answer

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