Essential features of a Dedicated Server

Different server providers have different features and services. With various services, there is a basic checklist of the features which according to us are mandatory and you must include in your plan.
This will hopefully clear the air of what to look for:

  • Operating system choices: When it comes to dedicated hosting, the user gets the freedom of choosing his/her own operating system. The applications used may require a different type of operating system, therefore, it’s a plus point to have the choice of operating system.
  • Server configuration: Another essential requirement is setting up the server to meet your needs. If the server offers a lot but doesn’t match the requirement, it is pointless. Therefore, the server is to be configured to match up the needs. Most of the service providers give a pre-built configuration. The users should select a configuration that best matches their needs
  • Hardware choices: Dedicated services are not very economical, therefore, it is suggested to deal with the providers who offer a lot of hardware options. This serves as an advantage since you get the hardware setup as per the requirement without overpaying for unnecessary services.
  • Security: A secure server gives the piece of mind to the customers who can be assured that their data is safe and secure. It gives the confidence to the customers for running their business without any worries. They can focus more on their business and less on thinking about the security aspect. Imagine the kind of pressure one has if there is always a probability of someone breaching in and hacking the system. It’s like staying in a house with delicate locks. Therefore, security is a crucial factor while choosing a hosting provider.
    Look for features like firewalls, encrypting, control access before settling down for a provider.
  • Control panel choices:  A handy control panel makes the management easier. Just a few clicks and all the main functions can be operated smoothly without getting deep into the technical matters. Therefore, the user must have the choice to curate the control panel according to their needs.
  • Technical support: Even after having all the features like control panel, security, choice of operating system etc, there may be some issues which only a professional IT team can troubleshoot. Therefore, technical support should always be a call away. Good technical support means that they can troubleshoot for issues and help you get your infrastructure back on track as quickly as possible. The technical team can help your IT infrastructure to get online so that your business does not suffer. This truly defines the relationship between the provider and the client.

Take these points into careful consideration while narrowing down the options.
Needless to say, the better the functionality, the faster the website. The faster the website, the happy is the user.

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