Email is the core communication channel when it comes to any formal work setup. It is the heart and soul of the organization and is responsible for making sure the communication reaches the receiver(s) and is registered in the mailboxes.
Email to an organization is what cheese is to pizza – ESSENTIAL.
It is responsible for making sure the communication reaches the receiver(s) and is registered in the mailboxes

Business email is basically the company’s name in the extension of the email instead of using free email services from providers like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. (Note: their terms of use categorically state that the service is not to be used for commercial or work purposes.)For example, Priya works for, her work e-mail id would be [email protected].
This way, Priya represents her organization every time any communication happens through [email protected].

Business email hosting has its privileges along with the services.
Here is how an organization benefits by using Business Email Hosting :

  • Branding: As the business email uses your business domain name it helps you give yourself and your employees a brand identity. It’s like complimentary branding. Every time the receiver spots your email address in their inbox, they see the organization’s name and immediately associate it with your company brand name. This registers the organization’s name in the readers’ minds. Hence, complimentary branding.
  • Trust factor: While sending an email from the official email ID the receiver can be assured that the communication is coming from an official from the right organization and that develops a trust in a level of trust develops in the mind of the reader.
  • Professional perception: Receiving emails in the name of the organization reflects it’s professionalism. The image is how the outside audience will perceive the organization. Let’s be real, no one wants to deal with some lousy organization with no working system in place.
  • Blacklisting: Business emails are hosted on secure and trusted servers, hence the chances of the email being marked spam or being blacklisted go down.
  • Backup and Security: Email communication with a reliable and registered email id makes sure that there are no security breaches through them. If something of this sort happens, it makes the culprit organization answerable to the other parties.
    The free email ids may get crashed, hacked or even shut down without prior notice.
  • Smooth and swift: Ever suffered because of delayed emails? Well, it’s not worth it. Business email service gives faster speed as compared to free service providers. This helps in making the bulk deliveries smoother.
    Hence, no business ‘casualties’ because of slow email service.
  • Safe and secure: Email content is encrypted with layers of security. It is kept private and no third party application uses this information for displaying ads.

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