Free Website - It's a trap

– It’s a trap

The offers like – GET YOUR OWN WEBSITE FOR FREE, are nothing but the flea markets of the Internet. It usually shows up with attractive offers, extracts money from the masses and then vanishes away like nobody’s business.

First things first, never fall for it. The ‘Free-website’ false show comes with it’s a fair share of drawbacks, which are not worth saving money for.

Here is why you don’t need to avail that Free Website offer.

  1. Not your own domain nameMost free website builders add their own branding along with every free website they provide. In simple words, the provider’s name tags along in the domain name options given. This is considered as a fair deal since you get a free website and they get free branding.
    The question comes down to: Is it really worth? Spending all the time, effort and money to create a brand and sharing it with someone else permanently?
    For example, the free website provider is The domain name will be like
  2. Limits: Let’s not forget, limited functionality. The user doesn’t enjoy the endless features and freedom in free websites. Most of the features are blocked until paid for which ultimately leads to the not-so-perfect website.
  3. Home to invaders: Since the website is for free, the hosting company has to earn somehow. Therefore, expect a lot of unwanted and unexpected (read ANNOYING) advertisements popping up here and there on the website, from time to time.
  4. Unmitigated bandwidth: What is the point of having a website with the two qualities of a tortoise –  Slow and, well, slow. Low bandwidth and less data transfer capacity leads to a loss in performance of website leading to customers leaving your website. In addition to that, there is a lack of space arising challenges like being unable to upload videos, pictures or sounds for that matter. This leads to bad user experience, which is the last thing any customer wants.
  5. Poor (no) customer support: Someone offering a website for free and giving support or backup if the website crashes or any other technical issues. It is too good to be true unless the hosting company is a Fairy Godmother.
  6. Inefficient search engine optimization: Basically, the only people know about your website are the ones who you told about. The free website builder isn’t much capable to rank your website on search engines which eventually leads to a loss in traffic. This will lead to more ad spend to get traffic on the website.
  7. If it looks good, it will fly good: If something looks good, half of the battle is won. No matter how purposeful your website is, if it fails to please the eyes, it will be a loss. A free website doesn’t match a well-designed website ‘charm’ with the proper aesthetics and color schemes. A free website might even end up looking cheap when compared to other websites.
  8. Less Choice of templates: Websites have templates curated for almost every kind of website with the kind functionality making it user-friendly. This might not be the case in free websites. They have limited options which may or may not be suitable for the kind of website you have imagined in your mind.


Cyber Security Surveillance

We are no strangers to the security breaches in the cyber world. Time and again, something or the other comes up stepping on the feet of high-level advance software, resulting in a leak of confidential information, thefts, hacking of personal accounts and the list goes on.

To avoid such unpleasant situations, there must be careful surveillance of the security of software.

Following are the points to always keep in mind to keep the cyber security in place.

  1. Control access: It’s like parental control on TV channels. The ones not appropriate for the children to see are locked.
    This is exactly how the authentication of people should work in an organization. People should not have access to each other’s data and information until asked and approved from the authorities. This way, if there is any security breach, their chances of narrowing down the culprit increase.
  2. Upgrade and up to date: Often taken lightly, this ends up being a reason for the security breach. Software updates don’t just update the functionality and increase the features, in addition to that, they fill in the gaps of certainty of a hacker breaking into the system. Reason being, there is an option for an automatic update so that no compromise on security is done.
  3. Firewall: It is the layer of security which protects the network. They are the gatekeepers of a computer from the network. Basically, it filters out the potential threats and gives the accessibility only to safe websites.
  4. Threat notifications: Every once in a while, notifications of a possible threat may pop up on your computer screens. This may or may not be a threat, but if it catches the eye of the security system of the computer, you might as well pay attention to it.
  5. Encrypting: Ever saw the police ‘tapping’ the phone of criminals in old movies?
    Well, the similar thing can be done with data.
    The data you send out is just meant for the recipient(s) to see. In the worst case scenario, the data can be leaked while being transferred. To avoid this undesirable circumstance, the data should have a protecting layer on it. This layer is called encrypting.

As it is said, Better safe than sorry!

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