Benefits of cPanel

Control panel is an essential tool when comes to the management of hosting service. It simplifies the complex functions involved in advanced tasks.
Cpanel’s characteristics which work in favour of the user are as follows:

  • Easy installation: One of the biggest hassle user faces is at the time of installation. When it comes to Cpanel, the installation is not that big of a problem.  Cpanel comes free with your hosting plan when you purchase hosting with You can install all your favourite applications like WordPress, Joomla, Woocommerce and many more applications which can get you started in a few clicks of a button
  • Access to numerous features: Rich in features, Cpanel provides accessibility to plentiful features. This in result helps in increasing its functionality.
    These features help in managing their hosting accounts and websites altogether.
    The email management function is another popular feature in Cpanel.
    Security being one of the most important factors, anti-virus or anti-fraud feature is usually included.
  • Compatibility: If the software gets stuck every now and then because of compatibility, it is not a good deal. Cpanel is compatible across all the widely used browser-  Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer.
    It can support third party software which allows building dynamic websites. This way, the user gets to experiment with new ideas instead of being stuck on the same old ones.
  • Portability: With Cpanel, the website can be transferred from one host to another without any complications. Just a few clicks and you can change your service provider whenever you feel like.
  • Reliability: Cpanel easily detects if there are any failed services. And once it does, it logs and restarts the service for hassle-free performance.
  • Stats and logs: The stats about the usage of the website and user behaviour is recorded in a form of statistics. This gives a fair idea about the kind of response website is getting. This makes it easy to list out where it is lacking and what are the strengths.
    A user can also check the load on the server at any given time.
  • No FTP required: File Transfer Protocol, popularly known as FTP is not required for uploading your files to your website when the user has Cpanel access. An Internet file manager is given in it which can be browsed from any browser  through URL and files can be uploaded directly through the panel without any FTP client
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