B stands for Bluff

All these years you have been working hard and collecting money to buy a house. Finally, the day has come. You go to a broker and he helps you strike a deal for that particular house you have been rooting for. Everything works out, you shift, throw countless housewarming parties and are finally settled.
Then one day, you receive a legal notice to vacate the house. And what you discover after digging in the matter is that the house was never registered on your name, and is on the broker’s name instead. Even your lawyer says that nothing can be done about it.
Result – Homeless
A similar thing happens with domain names. No matter who comes up with the name creates the website, invest time and money in it, the legal owner is the one who has it registered on his name.
So basically, after building the website, uploading the content, the products, investing time all that time & money and making sure it functions smoothly, you still don’t get the expected outcome just because you don’t own the domain. The functioning can go own without owning the domain name, but you have no legal rights on it, which is not a risk worth taking.

If that one-time wrongly delivered parcel can trigger you so much, imagine investing all that money, efforts and time into a website and still not being recognized as the owner.
That’s the reason why registering the domain in your name is so important.
How to make sure you have not been tricked by your service provider?
You can take all the measures and still not be sure if the service provider has been honest or not. Just go to https://domainandserver.com/whois/,  type your domain name and it will display the entire information about the ownership. For example, the name, address, Phone. No. name of an organization of registrant, administration and of technical support.

Here, at https://domainandserver.com/, we believe in transparency. We have the realization that your website is a valuable business asset. We have been hosting websites for almost two decades and over the years our technology team has been innovating best-in-class products to ensure an authentic web presence.

Now it’s up to you to decide that do you want to take the risk of being cheated and losing the website or want the ownership of your website by getting the domain registered.

Take the call!
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