Over time, cloud hosting has become popular, for all good reasons.
With its uprise, a lot of questions pop up here and there, asking if it’s practical to use it or not. Since it’s ‘cloud’, people wonder if it would be able to manage the heavy traffic websites or not.
Below are the features of cloud hosting which make it one of the most efficient hostings.

  1. Flexible pricing: In most of the hosting packages, you pay for monthly/annually for hosting in one go, no matter how much you use (or even not use).
    It’s a different case with Cloud hosting. You pay for what you use, therefore, no wastage of funds.
    So in the case of high traffic, all you have to do is scale your resources and turn it down when it comes to regular.
    So instead of having to pay for high hosting fee across the board, your pricing matches the total amount of server resources you’re using.
  2. High uptime: In the case of traditional hosting, your site goes down when the server goes down.
    In cloud hosting, the website uses multiple virtual servers. Therefore, if one server goes down, your website gets shifted to a different server to avoid downtime.
  3. Server safety: A cloud hosting site is isolated from physical server issues like hacking, system overload or hardware failure. In case of physical server issues, the websites are simply shifted to another server WITHOUT ANY DOWNTIME.
  4. Faster Website: Most cloud servers provide blazing fast speed. Cloud hosting not just effortlessly increases websites capacity, it also allows for easier loading balancing among the servers. This is beneficial since one single server doesn’t have to take all the load.
  5. Speedy server setup: A cloud hosting server can be deployed in record time. In case of beginner level shared hosting, it might take some time to deploy the web server.
  6. Simple server management: With the top-notch technology behind cloud hosting, it is a cakewalk to keep track of your hosting and scale it up or down, using intuitive dashboard.
    One doesn’t need a hardcore technical background to run a cloud server.
  7. Scalable traffic: The websites with scalable traffic, that is, the traffic differs majorly from time to time. With cloud hosting, one has the ability to scale up or down the server resources as-needed basis.

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